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International Hazchem Book With Signs

International Hazchem Book With Signs

Hazchem Multi-Sign Flip Book

The Hazchem Multi-Sign Flip Book is a simple way of displaying critical Hazchem Diamond signs in one simple flip-book.

The sign is made from powder coated aluminium with high grade stainless steel clips.

Easy to install with a pre-drilled back-plate for simple fitting to most surfaces.

It is designed to be installed permanently on the back and sides of any vehicle involved in the transportation of Hazardous Materials or Chemicals.

15 commonly used signs including Please Drive Safely, Limited Quantity and Environmentally Hazardous Substance.

The list of signs currently included is:-

Non specific "Please Drive Safely"
LQ Limited Quantity
Code 2 Flammable Gas
Code 2 Non Flammable Non Toxic Gas
Code 2 Toxic Gas
Code 3 Flammable Liquid
Code 4 Flammable Solid
Code 4 Spontaneously Combustible
Code 4 Dangerous When Wet
Code 5.1 Oxidising Agent
Code 5.2 Organic Peroxide
Code 6 Toxic
Code 6 Infectious Substance
Code 8 Corrosive
Code 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods
Non specific Environmental Hazard

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